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Our mission is to provide each student with the necessary information and techniques to be a SAFE, RESPONSIBLE DRIVER. To provide a learning-friendly environment that meets the needs of each student’s learning style. To recognize and understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

At our Driving Safe School in North Dublin we provide top quality cheap driving lessons to suit both beginner and experienced drivers of all ages and abilities. Learn to drive in Dublin today and open up a world of possibilities in your life, career and future opportunities.

The Ability To Drive Is a Vital Skill To Have

The ability to drive is a vital skill to have‚ whether for practical moments, such as picking up the kids
from school, or fun times, such as planning a trip abroad. So if you have to drive for business, or just
want to drive for pleasure, having a licence can be your ticket to fun, freedom and independence.
Our qualified RSA Approved professional driving instructors in North Dublin, will ensure that all
driver lessons take place in a focused, friendly and relaxed environment so that you develop the
safest driving techniques and skills along with the necessary habits that you will need in your driving

Areas Covered

If you learn to drive in Dublin with one of our expert instructors you will be able to drive anywhere in the Ireland , UK or even the world.

Driving Safe School lessons are carried out in North County Dublin

Test Centres Raheny and Killester.

We Will Collect And Drop You At Your Doorsteps.

Details of our prices, discounts and deals are on our prices page. If you have any queries or would like to make a booking please call or text 087 408 8837 or send an email.